Do you think Universal Basic Income will ever become standard practice in the USA?

How many people in the U.S. live without shelter? And how many of them do not have a job? What would the life meant to them in this situation? All these questions and much more need to be answered and solved in order to save people’s dignity and have better society. To do so, there are thousands of ways, but one of the easiest ways is universal basic income. Many activities and other people have urged the U.S. government to standardize it. Moreover, Universal Basic Income is more likely to become standard practice in the U.S. due to its several advantages to both the government and its citizens, such as promoting education and improving the quality of life.

Education is the essential part of healthy society. Future is for those who care about education, and make it one of their priorities. Furthermore, by standardizing universal basic income people would focus on their education and spend more time and money on it. They will not have to worry about their basic needs, so they will give more attention to education, and how they can give more knowledge.

Evaluating governments could be by evaluating the life of their people. The more fair lives people have, that means how good governments are. Obviously, by standardize the universal basic income people will have better life, and the quality of their lives will be at higher level. That means basic services and infrastructure are covered.

In conclusion, universal basic income is a choice for governments right now. It is their decision whether make it or nor. However, more pressure would be on them in the future to implement it, so it is better to take a step forward and start regulating it as soon as possible. The reason behind that is the several benefits the program has to the government before its citizens, such as promoting education and improve the quality of life.

The healthiest diet

Eating is one of the most important things in people’s daily life. Generally, people may strongly disagree with all-meat diets. However, all-vegetable diets are not as healthy as most people used to think. According to the videos, there are 22 million people prefer to have all-vegetable diets, which seems a very healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, all-vegetable diets will result in malnutrition ad  less energy.

People who have all-vegetable diets long enough will suffer from malnutrition. Protein plays a very big role in people’s physical health. It helps protect the immune system and build muscle mass. However, there is no protein in vegetables. Meat is an important source of protein. When vegetarians choose not to eat any kinds of meat, they break the balance of nutrition that people need.

Lacking energy is a start of weakening in people’s health. When it lasts too long, people then will suffer from some diseases and pains. Because vegetables are low in calories. At first, all-vegetable diets will help lose weight quickly, which appeals to many people, especially women, to try all-vegetable diets. But when they do this long enough, they may find out that they seem to lose passion of doing thing and can feel tired very easily. Hence, vegetables cannot provide enough calories to support people’s daily nutrition.

However, some people may argue that at least they won’t have weight gain problem. It is not true. Both all-vegetable diets and all-meat diets can help lose weight. All-vegetable diets may offer a few more nutrients. However, this eating habit is as unhealthy as all-meat diets.

As mentioned above, all-vegetable and all-meat eating habits are unhealthy. People may reckon that all-vegetable is healthier. It still will result in some problems, such as lacking energy, malnutrition. A real healthy diet should include protein, vitamins and other nutrients that people need. As suggested by the American Cancer Society, meat, fruits, vegetables and beans or grains should be put on one diet. Furthermore, the use of a low-fat cooking method, such as bake, would be healthier. So, a balance of necessary food appropriate cooking method would give you the healthiest diet.

How to be an ethical International Student

Studying abroad is not an easy task at all. The person, who is planning to complete his or her studies, is going to face many challenges and difficult scenarios. However, to be ethical international student you must accomplish these steps to overcome some challenges in future. First of all, learn the language, when you have the ability to speak, read, and write then you basically have the key to communicate with other people. Second, discover the culture, you need to know the traditions of the people in the country, that you’re planning to study in. Learn about their “Do’s and Don’ts” to avoid getting misunderstood. Third, be honest with your professors, do not copy anybody’s work whenever you’re required to do something. you got to “Walk your talk”. Finally, respect others; by respecting other people you develop your relationship with them and the feeling of trust and gratitude spreads.


The Healthiest Diet

The number of American people who only eat vegetables (Vegans) is increasing. The number has been estimated to reach 2.2 million people just in the United States of America. However, this dies is not healthy because it lacks some essential nutrients for the human body. The all-meat diet also has the same issues. The healthiest diet must provide our bides with what they need. The best diet for our health requires that we consume vegetables and meat and the portions depend of the body mass.

Meat is rich with protein, iron and vitamin B, which are necessary for most creatures on earth. However, eating only meat diets can cause having issues with stabilizing blood pressure due to the fact that meat has high levels of sodium, which absorbs water in the body and may cause dehydration. A study has found that Turkey and Chicken have been found to be strongly associated with weight gain, this supports the theory that says all-meat diets are unhealthy.

Vegetables are so much easier to grow than animals. For instance, growing a Raddish only takes two-three weeks while growing a cow takes three years. This can save time and cost for farmers and even may help the country’s economy to flourish. However, vegetables lack Protein, Calcium and some essential fatty-acids from fish. First of all protein helps the body function, second, Calcium is essential for the human skeletal system and responsible for the growing of bones. Although being vegan is unhealthy, vegetables lower the risk of developing high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases diabetes and obesity; due to the reason that vegetables are lower in fat and higher in fiber than meat.

Vegan people might claim that only eating vegetables leads to quick weight loss because of the low caloric intake. Even though this is true, it is not recommended at all to lose weight quickly because it leads to the lack of energy. Also, when someone is a vegan for a long time he or she might suffer malnutrion. Furthermore, All-meat diets have a similar issue. These diets force the human body to burn fat, which is not as good as it sounds. Forcing the body to burn fat because of not consuming carbohydrates, which is a source of energy, can lead to dehydration, weakness and muscle loss.

To conclude, whether a person only eats meat or vegetables he or she will suffer many negative consequences on their body’s health; due to the fact that both diets lack great amounts of essential nutrients for the human body such as Protein, Carbohydrates and fat. I believe in the future more people will be aware of these issues and will find balance in their diets.




The influence of advertising in today’s world

In today’s world, the economy plays an important aspect in our lives, and companies take a part of that economy. For instance, each company does its best to maximize its revenues, and plays a bigger role in the economy. To do so, they use advertising as an effective material, and big amounts of money from their budgets for it. Moreover, the primary reason of advertising for companies is to persuade customers to buy their products or services. However, most companies nowadays do not care about people’s feeling or believes, and use advertising in an offensive way, just to have higher sales. Furthermore, advertising has bad influences in our lives, especially on children, eating habits and the way how people look at women.

First: the manner of children has changed for the worse because of advertising. Children watch television more than before, and they are stick on technology devices such as laptops, IPads and video games. A lot of companies that target children to persuade them to buy their products use violence on their advertisements. Children’s manners changed according to this advertising without knowing this is bad.

Second, The World Health Organization has announced that the number of people around the world who suffer from overweight is increasing. What can be understood from that is our eating habits have change badly. Moreover, there are thousands of food ads everywhere such as television, streets, social media sites and applications and even in metro stations. However, most of these encourage people to eat unhealthy food.

Third and the most insulting of the influences of adverting is that it changes the way in which people look at women. It hard for me to say that but this is what I see in advertising every day. In many ads, companies use women in very offensive situations. They picture women as a product or something that has no value.

In conclusion, I believe that companies have the right to advertise for their products and services. However, they do not have the right to insult anyone or hurt a group of people. Nowadays, advertising impacts our lives in a negative way. Children, eating habits and the image of women are most impacted by advertising. An action needs to be taken in order to have more respectful, safe and healthy advertising.

The influence of advertising in today’s world

In today’s society, advertising is everywhere around people’s daily life. When you are watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers or even just walking on the road, you can see or hear advertising in different forms. Although advertising helps people know more about the products, there is some negative impact. Advertising has significantly change people’s view of the world, such as delivering unrealistic images of men or women and unhealthy eating habits to people.

Advertising in today’s world is changing people’s minds about how they look at women or men. Most companies would hire people who are beautiful and slim to make an advertisement. Even if these people are not looking so good in the screen, the editor of these ads will try different strategies to make them look much prettier than themselves in the reality. That is the reason why men and women all look amazing in the ads. However, people who are watching these ads can misunderstand the real “beauty” in people’s real lives. They will follow the images they get from the ads, such as the desire for light color of skin, and skinny bodies. Someone may argue that everyone has their own right to choose what to do or not to do. No one can force them to do anything. Nevertheless, ads have the power of changing people’s minds without letting people themselves notice that kind of change.

On the other hand, advertising also changes people’s eating habits in a negative way, especially in the case of children. It is not hard to see people eating different kinds of food or snacks, like candy, fried chicken, pizza or many other junk food in the ads. However, there is an interesting controversial phenomenon in that, even though they eat all these unhealthy food a lot, they still keep their healthy bodies! This could be a lie the companies use to persuade the customers to buy their products. Consequently, children who don’t have the ability to make an informed decision will believe in this kind of lies. But in real life, unhealthy eating habits will result in some bad issues in people’s health.

Advertising makes people’s life more interesting and colorful, which also brings people some happiness when they are watching them. However, we still need to watch out for the negative parts of advertising in today’s world. Not only can advertising deliver wrong images of people, but it can also influence people’s eating habits, which may cause some healthy problems as well.

The Influence of Advertising on People

Many companies invest their money to advertise their products. In the field of advertising, people are divided into two groups. The first group is providers or producers, and they are the people who provide or produce goods or products to be used or to get an advantage from. The second group is consumers, and they are the people who consume or use the products or goods to get benefits from or to gain an advantage from. There are many different ways that advertising can influence people from around the world nowadays. For instance, people can be influenced by the advertising of food and of children products.

Food is important in many cultures around the world. Consequently, many companies invest time and resources on food advertising. There are many ways that companies use to influence people through their advertisement. For example, companies use TV to advertise the freshness of their products, the convenience in terms of the time they take to get ready, and they also offer coupons and discounts to attract more customers.

In general, children’s products are very important to parents. Therefore, many companies are focused on providing them. For instance, companies sell body care products, some of which can be very expensive and exclusive. Companies use TV to advertise the safeness of their body care products on the baby skin, the usage of the product, and how the product makes little babies comfortable.

In conclusion, many companies from around the world spend their money and time to advertise their products in professional ways to get consumers to use or consume their products or goods. Consumers can be influenced by advertising the freshness of food, the time it takes to get food ready and discounts offers. Also, many parents are influenced by baby care products, and how is it safe and comfortable for little babies.