Hello class. My name is Basmah and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I came to the United State in 2016. I have been living here now for year and half. I am a mother of 3 children. I live here with my family. I decided to start studying English and I have been studying for almost 8 months . I love English and I love to know about other cultures. I am interested in writing in Arabic. It’s my passion and I hope one day I will write my own book. I lived in Texas San Antonio in 2012 for 2 years and I discovered the culture there is very different from here in Virginia. The weather here colder than there. I have many goals in my life and I hope someday I will reach my goals. One of them is finishing my studies and be ready to study my master. I have goals to my kids too I want them to be successful in life and have a good education I want them to be responsible for themselves I know some day I will celebrate when finish my studies and I will be happy then it is time for other goals.


I have been to many places in the world, but my favorite place is where my family lives no matter where. To have a home full of loving people, and that is a blessing. To have people who support you when you are devastated is incredible. My family always supports me, they give me hope and they encourage me all the time. I am thankful for all the technological innovations now because I can call and see my family anytime anywhere.  It is amazing how these innovations make our lifestyle easy. With one touch I can reach them and be able to communicate with them. I miss my favorite place. I spurn the idea of living very far from them, even though I have fun here and I am happy. But the idea of being far away from my parents and my siblings is devastating. I made a vow that I will make my family proud of me. My intuition is I will try to visit them in Summer, I hope I can do it.

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  1. I like your introduction. I am also from Saudi Arabia. I came to the United State in 2015. I have been living here for one year and half now. I live here with my family. I hope you can reach your goals.

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    1. Basmah, you are a great writer! I am delighted to read your about your dreams to be a writer. I am sure that you are already making your family very proud! Keep up the good work. We are lucky that you decided to come to the United States to study.

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  2. Hi Basmah! I enjoyed reading your post and I loved that you know your goals and you know what you want to achieve in your life. Your words are really inspiring and I believe you will be a good writer so please keep up the good work! x

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  3. Hello Basmah – I am impressed by your writing skills, and I hope you achieve your goal of writing a book. Your English is very good for only 8 months of study, so I am sure you will achieve whatever goal you set.

    When I was growing up in McLean I had a friend named Basmah, who was from Iraq. Her mother worked at the World Bank and was a close friend of my mother. I lost track of her many years ago, but I have very happy memories of the time we spent together (and of her mother’s excellent cooking!). I just want you to know that I am happy that, even though my friend Basmah is lost to me, there is another Basmah here in Virginia who is raising a family and making friends. I’m glad you are in America, and I hope you can visit your family

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  4. Wow! Your writing inspires me, it makes me want to write. I totally agree with you that the best place to be is where your family lives. I am a grandmother and my grandchildren live in Florida and California. Everyday I think about them and wish that I could be closer to them. They bring joy to my life. Thank you for sharing.

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