My name is Faisal, and I am from Saudi Arabia. I am 20 years old. I came to the US to study English, and now I am studying English as a second language at VT. I like reading books and watching movies and TV shows in English. I love playing football and hanging out with my friends. I really like to travel with my friends or my family to see new places and to try new food.

My favorite place in the world is Virginia. It has a lot of places for enjoyment such as beaches, malls, and skating. It also has many international restaurants if you like to try new food. Virginia has great weather. It has cold weather in winter if you like cold weather. It is warm in summer if you like warm weather. All in all, Virginia is a great place to live in or visit.

3 thoughts on “Faisal”

  1. I feel happy when I read your paragraph, and there are some similarities between you and I. First, we are both from Saudi Arabia. Also, we came to United State to study English. And, I like to read books, traveling, and I like to play football. Also, I like to taste an international food. I hope you enjoyed in Virginia state and have a nice time to play football. Do not forget to do the skating at this season ‘Spring’. Also, have fun when you hang out with your friend. I am waiting to read your next paragraph.

    Your Friend, Abdulrahman


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