My name is Aziz. I am from Saudi Arabia. I am 20 years old. My hometown is Taif and it’s in the west of Saudi Arabia. I live in the United States now. I am studying English at Virginia tech. My major is accounting. I live here with my mother and sister. I am looking now to graduate from university. I would like to be a pilot because I like to fly. After university, I will go to the aviation academy. I will be a pilot because that’s my childhood dream. Therefore, I have to do many things to achieve my goals.

My favorite place in the world is Hawaii. Many people visit Hawaii from many countries. It has beautiful beaches. Also, it has nice hotels and restaurants. The weather in Hawaii is hot in summer but in the winter it’s cool. Hawaii is one of the best places in the world for surfing. But, also It’s a dangerous place because It’s in the ocean. I didn’t visit Hawaii yet. I would like to visit Hawaii because it’s a good place to rest.

5 thoughts on “Aziz”

  1. Thank you for writing. I am also from Saudi Arabia. I like your point of view about your dream. I think you should work on your goal to get it. Also, i like your point of view about your favorite place (Hawaii). Actually, I like that place, but I never visited that place before. I hope to visit soon. I see you love beaches. Me too!. Have you been to Miami before ? If not, I suggest you visit the beaches of Miami. I think you will enjoy your self. finally, I am so excited to read your next post . your friend Nedal.


  2. Hi Aziz!
    I loved reading your story! Keep dreaming and exploring the world! I felt is love with Pacific ocian when I visited California for the first time a 10 years ago! I could sit on the beach for hours and listen to the waves.. And now I live here, so dreams do come true!



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