Hi everyone. My name is Nedal. I am 29 years old. I am from Saudi Arabia. I came to the USA in 2016. I am here with my wife. I have a Bachelor’s in electrical engineering. I am interested in completing my education to get a Master’a degree in electrical engineering. I live in Fairfax near the Target supermarket. The life here is good, but it is expensive. Finally, I came here to complete my education my wife’s as well.


 I have been to many places where to relax, but my favorite place is Jeddah. I was born in Jeddah, and I spent all my life there. Also, I like Jeddah beach. If I am angry or something happened, I go there to relax and think about what happened. With my friend I often go fishing in the Red Sea. You can find a lot of entertainment in that place like fishing, trips, a lot of restaurants and a lot of malls. I miss Jeddah. I love that place and I will go back there soon.


3 thoughts on “Nedal”

  1. i read your post and it was awesome and I think we have some similarities. because I’m from Saudi Arabia and I’m from Jeddah too, and i came to the US before 4 months ago and it was great to know how you spend your free time in jeddah . I’m so excited to read your next post . your friend Saud


  2. Nice picture. I have been attracted by your article and your photo. Did you take the photo by yourself? How lucky your wife is! So nice of you to take your wife aboard!


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