Hello! My name is Saleh, I am 18 years old, and I am from Saudi Arabia. I want to be an architect in the future. I have been in the United States for three years. I live here with my family. My favorite sport is soccer. I like to play soccer in free time with my friends. And my favorite soccer team is Alhilal. I like to visit new places, specially nature places, like mountains and falls.

My favorite place in the world would be L.A. I love L.A. because I love the beach there. I like to go swimming in the sea. There are a lot of famous people living there. And the thing I like the most in L.A. is the weather because it is hot in the summer and not really cold in the winter. There are a lot of things you can do there. There are a lot of concerts and events. I wish I could live there.

4 thoughts on “Saleh”

  1. Hello! Saleh.
    I like your introduction. I am from Saudi Arabia too. I think what want to be is interesting . I don’t like soccer, but my kids do and they are big fan of ALhilal too. I have been to L.A. and I like the city it is so beautiful and fun. I hope I can visit L.A. again. I wish you the best for your major. And I hope you can visit L.A. and make you wishes to live there.

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  2. Thank you for telling us about yourself. I hope you feel happy in Virginia. I hope to visit LA with you as soon :). Actually, I don’t like the Alhilal team! but of course I respect everyone who likes this team. By the way, you like the mountain as me. So, let us make a plan to visit Shenandoah National Park in Stonewall, VA. It is about an hour and half from Fairfax,Va. Finally, be happy and keep warm.


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  3. Thank you for writing. I am also from Saudi Arabia. I like your point of view about what want to be. I think you should work on your goal to get it. Also, I like your favorite place LA. Actually, I like that place but I never visited before. I see you love beaches me too!. finally, I wish your dreams comes true. your friend Nedal.


  4. I, too love LA. I have so many fond memories of living there. I still have a home outside of LA and on cold winter days, I dream of returning there.


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