My Name is Manal. I live in McLean, Virginia. I have four boys. I like to read a lot of books. I like nature and walking in the park. I like to travel. I am happy in my life.

I like New York City because of the tall buildings, parks, and shopping areas. It has a lot of tourists from every country. Also, I think New York is a city that never sleeps. New York has a lot of beautiful places such as the Central Park, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. All in all, New York is a very nice city. It is always crowded with tourists, and it has everything that every person needs. I went to New York many times and still want to go again.

5 thoughts on “Manal”

  1. Hello, Manal.
    I like your journal. I think we have the same like that we love New YORK, it’s One of my favorites places too. I have been there many times and every time I enjoy with different things and places. It is wonderful how this city has a huge potential for entertainments. I love that you said you’re happy with your life, I hope for you all the happiness.

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  2. Hello Manal. I enjoyed reading your journal because I too love New York City. I have only visited the city twice but I love the energy and excitement there. I also love that it is such a diverse city with people from all over the world living and working and socializing together.

    Good luck in your studies. May you always love life and reading!


  3. Manal, I am from New York, but not the city. I do not like NYC because it is too noisy and dirty but I do like New York State. It has many beautiful places.


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