Hello! My name is Wafa .I am from Saudi Arabia. I live in Virginia with my family. I have been in Virginia for one year and half. I study English for six months. I like shopping and travelling. I hope to finish learning English language. I like warm weather. My family and I visited Orlando last year. We went to many places in Orlando. The best place for me was Disneyland. It was very interesting. The show characters were very nice. We bought a lot of gifts and candy. My family and I had a good time in Orlando.


I like many places in the world but my favorite place is my country Saudi Arabia. I like my country because I born in it and my family is in Saudi. My childhood was very nice in my country. I remember many places in my country when was child such as my school, the bark and the streets. I studied in my country. My major was education. I got married and my children were born in Saudi Arabia. My family and my friends are in my country. I like my country.

4 thoughts on “Wafa”

  1. Thank you for studying in United States and for taking the time to learn about our language and culture. I hope your studies will lead you to new opportunities. I studied abroad when I was your age. I can tell you it changed my life and led to many great things. I was able later to visit your home and I love Kabsa!!!! In fact, I am making it next week! May God bless you and guide you during your studies!


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    Hello wafa, I enjoyed reading your post. I think we have some common interests I like shopping, traveling and warm weather. I hope you to finish learning English language and become better in English


  3. Wafa, I often visit Orlando because my daughter and four grandsons live there but I do not like Disney World. It is too crowded. I just like spending time with my grandsons playing in their yard. 🙂


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