friendship-quotes-696x392Friendship is an amazing relationship. My best friend is my sister Abrar. She is so kind, charming, and caring about me. She’s someone who knows how to make me smile through my sadness. She is someone I can trust with my life, and I can tell her anything without fear of judgment. She would defend me anytime. I always love that she tells me the truth no matter what. She has the ability to change me in a good way, but somehow I’m still myself. Sometimes she acts silly or stupid just to make me laugh. I love our friendship; it’s something I am so proud of. Our friendship is strong, special, and respectable.  I really miss her and being around with her so much. Indeed I can’t live without her, and I hope that I can see her soon.

One thought on “Basmah”

  1. I liked your post. Friendship is very important specially when it is come from a family membership like your sister. Life depends on friendships because from that we can improve our skills and ourselves at the same time.

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