Living in Washington, DC by Salwa

imagePhoto: Salwa A.

The Washington, DC city is a great place to live with a variety choices for work and lifestyles. Here are some of pros and cons living in the Washington, DC city. The pros in DC is plenty of things to do, for example, Washington, DC has a lot of cultural activities, shopping, outdoors recreation, and great restaurants. So it has a lot of activities to do here in DC. Moreover, I’m living in DC now, and i went with Virginia Tech to amazing field trip. I visited the Capitol Building with my classmates and my professors. Also, I learned so much information about historical fact of the United States. The second point that l like it here in DC is the weather. Because I see all four seasons. Washington DC has a variety of people from different nationalities, religions, and different culture. The cons in Washington DC is that I really dislike it is terrible traffic, high cost of living or renting, and that it has a lot of homeless people. There are cons and pros in each country. However, we have to choose a country we really want to live in with its cons and pros.

One thought on “Living in Washington, DC by Salwa”

  1. Hello Salwa
    I also love DC its one of my favorite places. I agree with you about the cons about the city that you mentioned. Although its a gorgeous place. I like your writing and I enjoy reading your post. I wish you the best. Good luck.

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