Beom Gu

I have played, hung out, had fun, a lot of other things with my friends. A friend is my life-long partner.

I spend most of my time with my friends. If I try to to remember of my past times then I always talk about friends. I don’t put my friends in the stories intentionally but they are always there. A friend is huge part of my life beside my family.

Most of my travels, I have gone with friends. Most of my fun times, I have been with friends. In addition, I have eaten meals with friends almost everyday.

I have a memorable friend in my life. He goes to see my mom every national holidays because I am away from my country. He knows how my mom is when holidays. My mom told me that ” Really thanks to him and when he comes to see my mom she feels like I come.”

I haven’t known how friends are important and big part of my life.

I have a good idiom. One friend is enough, two friends are too many and three friends are impossible. I know what the idiom means but I have tried to make that possible and make more friends and always thanks my friends because they are always right next to me.

Thank you, all my friends.

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