Good friends can be in your life forever,so, you have to know how you choose your friends. Friends are very important in our life because friends mean a lot in our life. Friends can take care of you, and they can keep your secrets. With friends you can share your good news and your bad news. If you have a good friends you can spend your free time in the right way. If i want to talk about my friendship I will talk about my friend Khalid. Khalid is my best friend, he is more than friend he is like my brother. Khalid and I were studying together for 12 years , and he was my neighbor. so, we were together everyday. Finally, I hope to see him as soon as I can.

One thought on “Saud”

  1. Hi Saud, I totally agree with you. friends can make your life better. Also, you have to choose good friends because bad friends will make your life difficult. Thank you and I enjoyed reading your story with your friend Khaled. I wish you the best. Aziz


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