Everyone has a friend to trust, share secrets with and protect. But, there are kinds of friends who can listen to you and stand with you in the problems. That is who you call real friend. For example, if you need to do something important or if you have a problems, the first person who comes in your mine to talk with him, that who real friend. Rayan is my best friend. He is a wonderful friend. He knows how to make me smile all of the time. We are always together. Also, there are other kinds of friend. There is friend from school, friend from work and friend from childhood. The best friend can be one of those. Finally, real friend that pushes you forward not backward. In sum, not everyone you know becomes a real friend


One thought on “Nedal”

  1. I agree with you friends are very important in our life , and we need them in our life because we have to share our secrets and have a great time with them . and I cant wait to read your next post


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