Living in Washington DC

Washington DC is one of the most important cities in the world. There are many important buildings for government. For example, The White House and The Capitol Center. In my opinion I think living in Washington DC is difficult. First, there is a lot of traffic. There are many people living there. Second, it has bad roads. They do not take care of the streets. Furthermore, the streets are narrow and dirty. However, there are many places to visit such as museums and government buildings. For example, The Capitol Center. You can visit this place and they will explain everything about this building. Also, you can see The White House. Washington has a lot of memorials and history places. For example, Georgetown. This place is very old and expensive. Finally, Washington DC is a beautiful place for visit not for live.

One thought on “Aziz”

  1. I really enjoyed when I read your post and I have a new information about Washington DC. By the way I had visit Washington couple of times and I think it’s beautiful place .


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