Beom Gu Yeo

What is love?

Love is the most romantic word. We use the word to friends, girl or boy friends, and family, but I want to use this word especially about all moms. Most of people don’t realize the love of mom because people are used to having love from mom. Mom’s love is a never ending story from your birth to her death. I watched a story of mom and son. She is over 100 years old, but she can’t close her eyes because of her 70 year old son. She still wants to take care of him and she thinks he is still a young child of hers. It sounds like a kind of funny story, but this story tells how and what is true love of mom. I truly love my mom. She was very strict to me. She always teaches me and leads me on the right ways of life. She is huge to me but one day, I had a different feeling from her. She started to worry about my health not teaches me how and what I do. Furthermore, she gives me good nutrition goods for me every day. I think she needs to have them. Her true love never end it might be a starting of another love of my mom. We remember friends’ birthdays but not mom’s. We thank other people, but we often forget to thank mom. Moms want to take care and stay with us forever, but their time is not enough. Time flies by very fast. I’d like to recommend to you and me to hug and say “I love you, mom.” today.

One thought on “Beom Gu Yeo”

  1. Hello Beom Gu Yeo
    I really enjoyed reading your writing about mothers and especially about your mom. I love my mother so much and I miss her so much, I wish I can see and hug her every day. mothers Love never ever ends day by day grow up with us. Thanks for our mother and for all mothers in the world.


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