Love is very important in our life. Everyone needs love, not just romantic love. Also, love for friends and love for family and love for yourself. So, valentaine’s day not just celebrate romantic love. Here In the US valentaine’s day is one of the most popular days. In the US and all over the world they celebrate this day by buying flowers and giving gifts, and they spend a lot of money on this day, in the US they spend $20 billion and $130 per person in valentaine’s day. I think valentaine’s day is a good way to share your love. Finally, we need love in our life. So, love everything and love everyone in your life .

3 thoughts on “Saud”

  1. Hi saud! I like what you wrote about love. I agree with you 100%. Love is really important for everyone and everyone needs it. Thank you for posting.


  2. Hi Saud. Thank you for writing. I like your point of view about love. I agree with you in that. Love is important in our live. Also, I agree with you about loving yourself first and love friend and family. But I think love of family is the most important. Finally, I wish you a happy life.


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