What Does Love Mean?

     Love is the most important thing to keep life moving on. In my opinion, love means peace and respect. Love is not only for couples. For example, your mother, father, sister and brother. Also your friends and other people in your life. In my life, my parents are everything to me. When I was a child they took care of me even now. In addition, they make my life better. For example, they paid for my education and they help me when I needed help. Now, I would like to say thank you to my mom and dad and I love you. Finally, humans cannot live without love.

2 thoughts on “Aziz”

  1. I totally agree with you! It is a great thing that at the young age which I guess you may be, you are aware of the importance of love. Love is our strength, our lighthouse. I cannot think of anything more empowering than love.
    Beautitul writing, dear friend!

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  2. Hello Aziz.
    I really liked you Blog!
    You’re true, we should always love our parents.
    Sometimes we’re busy growing up & we often forget they’re also growing old.


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