To be honest love is when you find that one special person and you can’t keep them off your mind. Its when you just want to spend every waking moment with them. Love is when you wake up to that person with the biggest smile on your face and when you kiss them their morning breath doesn’t bother you. Its when you don’t care what that person looks like as long as you love them for them.
If they do something you don’t like it doesn’t bother you so much if its the person you love doing it. Love is when you cant stop texting calling and writing to the one special person, its something so strong it doesn’t have a weakness and no one or nothing can come between it. If you find that special someone you never want to let them go, they make you happy and you would do anything for them, you would accept everything about them the things you love and hate. And best of all you love them with all your heart and when you say goodbye to them you cry cause you already miss them.

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