End of Term by Prof. Mulholland

Dear students,

We made it to the end of the Spring I term, and I hope you have enjoyed the ride. I certainly have, and I wanted to say THANK YOU. I am impressed by the progress you have made in your writing assignments; especially those of you who came to class consistently. I appreciate all the effort you put into this class (some of you take two of my classes!).

Having being an international student myself, I am fully aware that it is not easy. I know exactly how hard each of you is working in situations that might not be the best: a new country, a new language, and new rules, among other challenges. I am sure you miss your home and loved ones, if they are not here with you. The move you made when you decided to come to the USA takes a lot of courage, and, because of that, I commend you, and congratulate you wholeheartedly.

You wrote about pretty cool dreams on your journal, and I enjoyed reading them! I hope they all come true. Most of all, I wish you peace of mind, and I hope you enjoy life to the fullest in spite of the difficult circumstances that might come your way. Difficulties can be our best teachers, can’t they?

I am glad I have had the chance to share two or three hours of my day with you almost every day of the week during 8 weeks. You have enriched my life, and have taught me about yourself and your culture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Enjoy your Spring Break. You deserve it!

I hope to see you soon. If I don’t, please, feel free to keep in touch via this blog.


Professor Monica Mulholland

Author: Monica Mulholland, Ph.D.

I'm a teacher trainer in the area of language acquisition and creativity with over thirty years of experience in the classroom. I'm fluent in English & Spanish, and I travel the world with my Creativity Workshops for Language Educators. Further info: info@tranformations.today

3 thoughts on “End of Term by Prof. Mulholland”

  1. Dear Professor Mulholland
    It’s been a pleasure to have you. You did a great job with us. You always have been patient with us and we appreciate that. Actually you inspired me to be thirstily in learning and always searching for more. We shared together our best time. I appreciate how you respected our differences between us and doing your best to explain everything. You are one of my best teachers ever, and I look forward to meet you in the future. And also for sure I will be in touch with you and I will try to learn from your experience. Finally, I wish you the best because you deserve it, and thank you a lot for your time, your patience, your knowledge, and for everything.
    Basmah Algahtani

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    1. Thank you, dear Basmah. The pleasure is all mine. You certainly make my day at 8:00 every morning with your hard work and enthusiasm; most of all with your beautiful smile and generous predisposition! Enjoy the break!
      Prof. Mulholland


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