Introduce Yourself

       Hello, my name is Abdulaziz Mohammed K Almutairi. I’m 21 years old, and I’m from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more specifically, Jeddah. I’m living now in Virginia, in The US because my sister is studying here. My family is small. I have one sister and one brother. I’m living with my mother and my sister. I have been studying at UQU in Makkah. My major is accounting. I like swimming, especially in the ocean. Also, I play soccer and basketball. In addition, I’m an adventurous person. For example, I tried to skydive. Moreover, I met a good friend in Virginia Tech. His name is Bader. I met him in the 200 level. He is a great person. He always makes me happy and he makes me laugh. Bader is a smart student. He is a good writer. In addition, Bader is social. He has a lot of friends from many countries. Everyday we hang out together. For example, we went to Jersey City and we had fun there. I’m glad to see him in Virginia Tech again. It’s great to know him.

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