Introducing Myself

           My name is Faisal. I am twenty years old. I am from Saudi Arabia. I have been in the United States for exactly eight months. I finished my high school back home in Saudi Arabia, and I came to the United States to get my bachelor degree in information technology. A year ago, I came to the United States to study English, but I could not adapt myself to the life here. I went back home. However, my family encouraged me to come back and get my bachelor, and now I am here at Virginia Tech studying English. I have made new friends. We play soccer at Luther Jackson Field. My friends and I always hang out after school and have lunch together. My best friend, Haider, is 18 years old. Unfortunately, he does not play soccer. Instead, he plays American Football. In conclusion,  always have a good friend around, so that we can help each other succeed. Haider is a good friend that I met; we are basically brothers.

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