Saud K

My name is Saud Alhokiar . I am 24 years old, and I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I live in Riyadh, the capital city. I studied in King Saud University, and I graduated with a major in hotel management. I chose hotel management because I liked it when I was in school, and my dream is to own a big hotel or work at one. Now, I am in the USA to learn English, and complete my education. I hope to achieve my dream and be able to help my family too. Also, I hope to live a great and happy life.

There are several important events in my life. For example, when I moved to USA, and when my favorite soccer team got a great championship, but when I traveled to Los Angeles is one the best events. First of all, I moved from Saudi Arabia to L.A at 23 year of age with my family, and I saw to big shops. I went to Universal Studios because I love watching movies, and I wanted to see how to make a movie. I would like to visit it again.636060380966216439-201574433_HAPPENING_IN_LOS_ANGELES_JESSICA_FAULKNER_72715_2

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