My name is Sumiyah, I’m from Saudi Arabia. I’m the oldest one in my family. I love to draw and I can spend a lot of time drawing because I really enjoy doing that. I’m a person how likes to try new things. I love to walk in the park where I can see a lot of trees. I have an American friend whom I see every week; she’s so nice. When I moved to US, my husband and I were looking for a new place to visit, we went to a garden maze which was a small one, but we got lost in it. It was fun and a good day. And now we’re looking for a stable. I’m planing to try horseback riding with my American friend. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Sumiyah”

  1. Hi Sumiyah
    Actually I saw some of your drawing you have talent really you can draw perfectly. I am amazed that you have an amircan friend that’s wanderful you can spend a good time and also learned a lot of things it’s a great way to improve your language. I wish you all the good luck for your horseback riding.


    1. Thank you for your reply, Basmah !
      I’m glad That I met her, She’s Halping me a lot with English, and I’m doing my best to help her in return with Arabic! she has been to Jordan for two years, and she can speak Arabic very well.


    1. Thank you for your replay, Diana!
      And thank you for the address, I’m so excited to try hoursback riding.
      I always wanted to tell you that your the most lovely person in virginia tach!
      and I heard that a lot from the students around.
      Glad we met you.


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