My name is Abeer. I would describe myself as social, energetic and nurturing. I’m a wife and mother to a big, lovely family. Somethings I like to do are drawing, cooking and traveling. I also have a lot of friends that I see every week. Additionally, I like studying because I want to improve myself and learn more about the world around me. Although I do not have much time for myself, I try all the time to make a balance between my children and me. In spite of all the difficulties, I am working to support my family and myself.

As I mentioned before, I like to travel and one of my favorite trips was last year when we went to Florida. It was an amazing trip because we went to Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. We also enjoyed the weather because it was warm and wonderful. Overall, my whole family enjoyed themselves and we had a great trip.

One thought on “Abeer”

  1. Hi Abeer
    I really enjoyed reading your introduction, I think you are a wonderful writer. You described your self and your family and how you manage your life in a beautiful way. I have some common thing with you which is I like to study too to improve my skills in English. I enjoyed reading every word that was written by you. I am so glad that I had a chance to know you and share the class with you. Thank you.

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