My Favorite Type Of movie.

        My favorite type of movies are action movies. Last weekend, I went to the AMC with my friends Faisal and Aziz, and we watched an action movie called X-Man. The movie was talking about Logan. Logan cares for an ailing Professor X at a remote outpost on the Mexican border. His plan to hide from the outside world gets upended when he meets a young mutant who is very much like him. Logan must protect the girl and battle the dark forces that want to capture her. The movie was awesome! It has a lot of fights, blood and killing. I like action movies because they make me feel exited and I feel like I want to fight with people, with anybody around me “hahahaha :)”. Action movies are famous. In my opinion, about 75% of the people love action movies, even teenagers and kids. I prefer watching movies at the theatre instead of home because my little brother makes a noise and he always bothers me, so I don’t feel comfortable watching movies at home. In my country, we don’t have theatres; that’s also one of the reasons why I like watching at theatres.


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