A good movie is one that will make you take a look at your life and make a change. One day, I woke up unusually early, and I was bored. I made a cup of coffee, pulled the remote of the TV, and I started to look for something. Finally, I found a movie just started. The movie described a woman who discovered she had an illness and she would die after six months. Then she decided that she would change her life completely, she would live every moment of her life. Before that, she was serious and worked hard without joy or happiness. The movie thought me a lesson that I need to live my life in a good way and enjoy every moment without regret for anything, and that’s is important. I learned that life is short live it well. We need to live our life and risk it all, take some chances, take the fall. Take your time, no need to harry or worry. In the end, the most important thing, when you on your way to looking for a life do not forget to live this life. The movie is “The last Holiday” I really recommend to see it, it’s such an inspiring movie.

2 thoughts on “Basmah”

  1. Hi basmah,
    What a wonderful morning with a good movie that you had, when I was a child I used to wake up early in the morning to watch the cartoon in TV during the vacation.
    Wake up early in the morning bring the happiness to our souls.

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