A D.C Trip

Outdoor activities like field trip are really important to improve the language that students want to learn by practicing with teachers, friends, and people at the place they visit. In the field trip you can speak more and listen to native speakers. However, the accent of native speaker is difficult to understand; therefore, the field trip will help that difficulty by practicing more. The daily life can be kind of busy, so the students need to change the routine. The field trip is good for fun, so the students can change the routine and enjoy the time with the teachers and make some jokes. Therefore, field trips are good once or twice per semester. Student are very busy with a lot of study and homework that they have every day, so they don’t have much time to explore the nearby places, while the field trip gives them this chance during weekdays to know more about popular places to see. Also, they can ask the teachers and people on the street about these places.


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