Field trips are useful to have a lot activities and a good chance to have new experiences. They encourage student to improve their skills in the language by meeting new people and making interviews with them. Also, field trips help many of us to discover new places like historical buildings and national parks. In addition, you have a lot of fun by walking in groups, discussing many details, playing games, and sometimes doing a lot of exercise. That is what I experienced yesterday. We went on a field trip with my classmates to Washington D.C. We visited a lot of  historical places like the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument and Martin Luther King Jr’s Memorial. There is a wall that has quotes by him, most of the quotes inspired me in a way that motivated me to work hard and fight in order to accomplish my goals. It was a wonderful day, we enjoyed the weather, and took pictures of the cherry blossoms.


3 thoughts on “Abeer”

  1. Hello Abeer,
    I agree with you that field trips are very helpful to us in many ways. It is exactly what you said because I learned many things such as meeting people, seeing historical places and the cherry blossoms. So, I really enjoyed your post about this experience that you had last week.


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