The cherry blossom is without a doubt the start of springtime in Washington DC. We were lucky that our school organized a trip as an important part of our study. Because I know this kind of trips can help a lot with my studies, I was so excited about the trip, and so were my classmates. Our trip to DC was successful to me. I had the chance to see a lot of statues and monuments. I love them so much because they describe accurately the moment that certain events happened. Also, I was able to develop my hobby, photography. On this trip, one of our professors gave us a mission to interview different people, and this was fun and encouraging. Because we had a chance to meet a new people and talk with them on different topics and without a doubt, this will help me to improve my language and discover new vocabulary. The last part of our trip was the most beautiful inspirational part. The last part was to see the cherry blossoms and Martin Luther King’s memorial. This place had the most effect on me. The ability to see how a tree gift can spread life, peace, and respect is amazing. That taught me the values of respect between the countries in a simple way. There is a wall that contains the most inspiration quotes inscribed on a stone. They reflect the struggle for freedom, equality, and justice. Finally, trips give me a lot of knowledge, a chance to sharpen my skills, the confidence to do a new thing, and the most important, fun. I am looking forward to another trip, and another discovery, with me professors and classmates.

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