Saud Sh

What are the saudsheffects of field trips?

Trips have many positive effects. First of all, the first effect is that they improve your language. On a field trip, you can improve your language by talking with Americans and asking people some information, and you can improve your listening skills by listening to new words from the adviser. The second effect is to visit a new place. When you visit a new place, you will have knowledge, and you will know about American history and American culture. For example, if you visit the Abraham Lincoln memorial, you will know about his life and why American people love him, and you will know about Martin Luther King and his dream. The last effect is that students have fun. If you visit a new place like the cherry blossoms, you will have fun because it’s a beautiful place, and you can know more about your friends and your teachers and have fun with them. Finally, it’s a good experience when you to go on a field trip because you have fun and gain knowledge at the same time.

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