Going on a field trip with your class mates and your professors is a fun and enjoyable thing. You are going to talk about different things and subjects out of the study subjects, and that will help you to know your professors better. At the same time, you can learn new words and improve your language. Also, what a great thing to get a long workout with your friends and your professors, and enjoy new places to see! Just like what we did at Virginia Tech last week; it was such a beautiful trip and a good way to practice English. We visited the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. We saw the Washington Monument, we walked next to the Reflecting Pool. Finally, we saw the cherry blossoms.

2 thoughts on “Sumiyah”

  1. Hi Sumiyah
    Nice post! I enjoyed reading what you wrote. The trip was amazing and helpful. We all had fun, and had the chance to practice little bit. I am glad that we shared the trip together.

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