People face different challenges

      In my life, I have had to face several challenges, the most important challenge that I made is when I committed myself to speaking English, and now I’m in the United States to study the language. I left home and my family to face this challenge. Sometimes, I wanted to give up. Sometimes you feel weak you feel like you just want to give up; but never give up. You have to come to the truth of knowing who you are and what you can do. There are some choices in life that will affect your life. Life is not easy; it’s impossible to live without failing sometimes;  you will have problems and you will fail;  however, you must keep fighting for your goals and you will achieve them.

One thought on “Faisal”

  1. And look at yourself right now!
    You can speak English and write very well, so you won this challenge.

    * Bader *


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