In my life, I have had to face several challenges. Some of these challenges are about how I can keep my studies and get the best grade because my major was difficult. I had to face this difficulty, but I managed. I am always eager to get my target. Also, one of these challenges is about how I can live in a new place far away from my country. The habits are different and also the environment is different. For example, when I came to the United States, I was surprised that the people here helped me so much. When I asked about something, I always found the answer. Finally, there many challenges in our lives, but facing those challenges is the most important. You must know how to face the challenges to continue with success.

2 thoughts on “Nedal”

  1. MM.. I agree with you.
    Life itself is a series of challenges, whether large or small, so we have to just face the challenges while spending the life normally!

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