IMG_6391       Life is not necessarily easy or difficult; it depends on you. I’m 26 years old, and during my life I’ve had to face many challenges either in my personal life or in my student life. I’m always eager to achieve my goals. When I decided to study Clinical Pharmacy, I saw many people who criticized me because they thought it’s hard to study it but this a thought for them not me. Actually, I faced some difficulties but because I was a dedicated student, I overcome them. Also, to study in this field, you have to be productive. The first 2 years in the university were not so hard for me. The other 4 years were quite difficult. However, the clinical sciences and training were challenges for me but I used to study hard every day; some times alone and some times with my friends in a group. Finally, I conquered these challenges and I graduated with a doctoral degree because I was eager to do it. However, when I get depressed while I’m studying I always remember practice makes perfect.

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