IMG_3665(1)           Challenges are what makes you stronger and keeps you improving yourself. Different challenges have different results in different people. A challenge can change your life for the better or the worse; it depends on how you deal with it. However, we all understand that life isn’t always a piece of cake! in any case, we’ll always learn from  our challenges. Well, some people will challenge themselves and choose to face a challenge to gain experience. For example, I challenged myself to draw every day a different idea or subject. I wanted to see what I could draw, and I found a post on Instagram that had ideas for 30 days, “that will help me a lot!”, I thought, and it did! but it was hard, and it took time. I’m not sure but I think I finished two weeks before the challenge ended, then I stopped. It was a great experiment, I discovered my abilities and I enjoyed watching my skills evolve.

3 thoughts on “Sumiyah”

  1. i always like your artworks. The details you put in each artwork show that you are a talented, you have the ability to be an artist. keep going Sumiyah and always remember practice makes perfect.


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