dreams1A dream is anything you want to be. Everyone has his or her own dreams , without them our life will lose the meaning of ambition , happiness and the feeling of contentment. However , we face many difficulties and complications daily, and we should unit our dreams with a lot of efforts and work harder to reach our goals. My big dream in my life is about a unique  and shining world. I dream of a world with no greed or violence , but just peace and love. A world where all people help each other, where their no differences between them. Finally , all of us have the responsibility to show a path of strength in life and do the best to make our dreams come true.





2 thoughts on “ABEER”

  1. Dear Abeer,
    You certainly have a beautiful dream!
    As I was reading your wonderful writing piece, I remembered John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I like to think that the dream of a world in peace and harmony is dreamt by many.
    All the best,

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