People face challenges every day. without challenges, our life would be boring. However, there are different levels of challenges. challenges would change us into another person or even change our life last year, I faced several challenges in my life. For instance, in our country, which is Saudi Arabia women can I drive it is forbidden. When I came to the U.S. I didn’t know how to drive, but i went to the DMV to take the computer test. the computer test is the basic information about the drive rules or laws. So, when I took the test the first time, I failed. I was disappointed, but I didn’t give up. On the contrary, t studied hard and also my father taught me how to drive. Then, I went back to the DMV and retook the computer test; eventually, I passed the test. Now, i have a driving lesson. In the end, to overcome any challenges, you must be a patient and strong person. The things that you want don’t come to us the first time. So we should get a little tired to deserve it.

One thought on “Salwa”

  1. i really like your essay, you provided a personal example when you were in saudi and talked about challenges and how you overcame them when you moved to the US.


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