Everyone has dreams. Whether they want to become a scientist or inventor to discover new stunning things, or to be famous person such us a basketball player or a singer. People often think of their future dreams. I have dreams like everyone else, and I’m eager to work on my dreams for them to become true. Furthermore, I have two dreams, one of them is to open an art gallery. For example, I’d love to collect my drawing to display in a gallery. However, I’m afraid to get a rejection from other people, so I have to work hard to attract people. My other dream is to become a successful person. Going to college is my first step to achieve my dream. Then, I’ll study law to become the first Saudi woman who becomes a lawyer. After that, I’ll keep my grades up, because my high grades will help me to complete with other Saudi lawyers. In fact, I look forward to become a lawyer due to misconceptions in our society such as the fact that women can’t work with the law or become a lawyer; this jog just for men. Because, of this, I’ll study hard to change these wrong ideas. Eventually, I’ll do my best and I’ll provide help to poor people, and to women in their cases. When I become a lawyer, I’m sure that everyone in my country will remember me.

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