Saud. k

Dreams Road Sign     
I have a dream

Today, I will talk about dreams. I think everyone has dreams. Also, everyone can get what they want, but they should work hard to get it. So, I have many dreams in my life. My dream to help my country especially with tourism. Saudi Arabia is a rich country because it has a lot of oil and money, but my country now needs a change from oil to tourism; therefore, I studied hotel management in my country. Tourism is very weak in Saudi Arabia, so I would like tourism to be strong. Likewise, people in my country don’t know much about this field. My family encouraged me to study this specialization and go into tourism. I would like to change the first source from oil to tourism like in Dubai. I have dreams to make Saudi Arabia the best country in the world. Before, I thought I’d work to live, but now, I will work to help my country to be better.

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