random-acts-of-kindness   One of the crucial human traits is kindness. Using kindness not only to people, but with everything around us even the animals. Kindness is the quality of being friendly and generous. Kindness in my life is part of respect that can keep everything around me beautiful. When I was working in the hospital I faced many patients who were always in hurry and sometimes they were also angry because of the long waiting time before they got to the clinic, but when I talked to them with kindness after they finished the appointments, they started apologizing and they also were kind. On the other hand, if I argued with them, they would be angrier. The effect of kindness on people is strong and it makes them show kindness to others. However, kindness also with animals have a good effect even on dangerous animals. So I prefer to use it with everything around me.

One thought on “Abdullah”

  1. Dear Abdullah,
    What an interesting piece of writing!
    Your experience at the hospital is so telling about the effects of kindness on others.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and actions.
    All the best,

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