Kindness means to me treating others how you would want to be treated. It means going out of your way to help others when you don’t have to. I think kindness is being there for someone when they need you. There is a quote I love and I try to remember everyday so that I can maybe make a difference in someone’s day. “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle“

If we could remember that, the word might be a nicer place. We are all humans, and also we have feelings.

Offering my seat up to an elderly person on a train or bus are some examples of what I do always. Letting someone in a queue go in front of me if they only have a few items is another example. There are so many ways you can help people. It should come naturally to you if you have been brought up correctly with manners.


One thought on “Bader”

  1. Dear Bader,
    The quote is as deep and good as your ideas and deeds.
    Personally, when I am kind or helpul to someone in any way, I cannot help feeling that I have done something good for a person but something excellent for myself.
    I wish you all the best,

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