What would you do if you know you would not fail?

Image result for peace pictureMany countries are now in the process of war. During the last year, 32,658 people have died, and not one peacekeeping organization could stop these disasters. Why can’t these organizations resolve the conflict between countries and inside them? Why don’t religious organizations bring peace to  the world so people stop dying? Is it possible? I think so. If I knew I would not fail, I would make peace throughout the world. For this you need to follow only three important rules. The first is to implement an international prohibition of all types of weapons of mass destruction; the second is to unite all religious organizations in the direction of peace, and the third is to provide people with basic necessities such as food, medical care, jobs and education. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about stopping war. Everyone must stop pursuing their own interests and sometimes think about peace. That’s why if I knew I would not fail, I would stop war.

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