My mother is the most important person in my life. In my opinion , she is the best mother in the world. I miss her so much , because I have not seen her for 8 months. I have never studied to long with out seeing her. I plan to stay in the United state a long time, maybe more then 3 years. I feel choked because this makes me some time feel sad. I feel pressure because I want my family especially my mother to be proud of me. In fact, I study hard. I want to make this success for her, so I will do my best . I think I love my mother more than myself . To sum up, I hope my mother could see how much I love her and I think she knows about my heart to her.  I think she is a unique person and social to my life , so if I can to meet somebody I will choose my mother.

One thought on “Saud”

  1. I know how this exactly feels Saud, I had always been living with my parents in the same house but since I arrived to The United States I started living in an apartment with my sister. Thankfully, we live in a modern and developed world, we can just pick up a device and call our family even though the connection is not that great sometimes.
    Concurrently, sometimes we need to trade advantages at the moment to get greater ones at the end. Now you may miss your mother that you feel hurt and devastated; but at the end time will pass before you know and you will achieve your goal and then your mother will be proud of you and happy for you. My parents taught me that our meetings and gatherings will always be there but opportunities never last.


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