Has online social networking harmed us or helped us?

Social networking these days is everywhere around us. Social networking is very important for family members, coworkers, friends and just people who like to share the same type of interests, however, personal communication is also very important. How can we communicate? New technology brings us freedom to find each other around the world. Programs like Viber, Messenger, Skype and Facebook let us find our friends and relatives and remain a part of their lives. We can share with them happiness and misfortune. When you need somebody’s help your best friends can also help you. The great thing about social networking is that it does provide an opportunity to learn. You are always in the educational process. What is great about social networking?  You are always on the front line of the latest news. It helps us understand political situations around the World and make a correct next step. As you can see, social networking is a very important type of communication. It makes us happy, smart and healthy.

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