The National Museum of African American History and Culture Field Trip

By Ahmed

Away from the classroom, Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute prepares cultural and academic field trips for the students as a part of its program and a part of its responsibility toward the country. Those filed trips introduce the history of the U.S in an enjoyable way.

On the last trip, students and professors went to The National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. After we went through security, we went to the fourth floor, the culture galleries. The first gallery was about cultural expressions. It shows different aspect in the African American culture such as food, clothes, industries, and entertainment. After that, we went to the “Musical crossroads gallery”, which displays the revolution of music in the African-American culture like Jazz, Soul music, R&B, and Pop music. Then, we were taken to the visual art and the American experience gallery. There, various fine art works illustrate the role African American artists played in shaping the history of American art.

Author: Monica Mulholland, Ph.D.

I'm a teacher trainer in the area of language acquisition and creativity with over thirty years of experience in the classroom. I'm fluent in English & Spanish, and I travel the world with my Creativity Workshops for Language Educators. Further info:

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