A Cultural Fieldtrip in DC

By Norah

Yesterday, I went to the National Museum of African American History and Culture with my professors and classmates. First, we came to Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute early in the morning at 8:00 AM. Then, at 8:30 AM, we all went together walking to the metro station , and we took the metro down to Washington DC. We arrived at 9:30 to Washington DC, and we walked down to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum was so close to the metro station we walked a couple of minutes. There were a lot of people standing outside the museum waiting in lines to get into the museum, and we waited in line too. After that,we got into the museum and went to the fourth floor. There was a woman who introduced herself to us, and then started to talk about the museum. The woman said that the museum was planned many years ago and it finally got open last year when Barack Obama was the president of The United States of America. Then, we all went together inside a big room with our guide. I was so surprised and excited about what was inside the room. There were big screens everywhere with a nonstop show. I loved it so much the screens looked amazing. Moreover, there were different outfits including dresses and suits hanging everywhere in a glass with a written paper next to each outfit and also a picture of the person who wore the outfit in the past. The outfits explained a lot about the fashion of the African American people. I was so surprised because the outfits I saw were the original outfits that were worn in the past, not a copy. Furthermore, we saw videos on the screens about the songs and dances of the African American people. It was so exciting. I loved their music and dance so much. After that, we walked all around the room looking at different styles, shows and music in the past. There were a lot of names that I cannot remember, and also there were a lot of pictures of people I do not know. Finally, we went to the shop to get a souvenir of the museum, and then we went back home. I loved the place and I also enjoyed the field trip a lot.

Author: Monica Mulholland, Ph.D.

I'm a teacher trainer in the area of language acquisition and creativity with over thirty years of experience in the classroom. I'm fluent in English & Spanish, and I travel the world with my Creativity Workshops for Language Educators. Further info: info@tranformations.today

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