How Advertising Influences People

Many companies today spend hundreds of millions on advertising their products or services. Everyone started to realize that it is very unlikely that a company would sell its products and succeed without promoting them to people. However, a group of people disagrees. Those groups of people seem to have different opinions on the influence, the need and the effectiveness of advertising.

The first group claims that spending money and time on advertising is useless because people look for products with better quality. Consequently, many small businesses which could not afford to advertise their products or services have succeeded and developed without advertising. Another reason is that advertisements always exaggerate the benefits and ignores the disadvantages of a product, which leads some people to not trust them at all.

On the contrary, the other group agrees that if advertisements are really useless why would companies keep investing on them. In fact, companies earn much more money when their products are advertised to people. Due to the fact that people are easily influenced by advertisements, especially, children. Also, after the rise of the internet, it became a lot cheaper to advertise and  many small businesses mainly advertise on the internet. Moreover, marketing and advertising have created jobs for a huge number of people.

In my opinion, marketing is necessary to succeed in business. People can argue the benefits of advertising forever but the statistics do not lie. I expect that even individuals will market themselves more than today in order to get jobs in the future, which really shows the value of advertising.

Mashari A


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