The Healthiest Diet

The number of American people who only eat vegetables (Vegans) is increasing. The number has been estimated to reach 2.2 million people just in the United States of America. However, this dies is not healthy because it lacks some essential nutrients for the human body. The all-meat diet also has the same issues. The healthiest diet must provide our bides with what they need. The best diet for our health requires that we consume vegetables and meat and the portions depend of the body mass.

Meat is rich with protein, iron and vitamin B, which are necessary for most creatures on earth. However, eating only meat diets can cause having issues with stabilizing blood pressure due to the fact that meat has high levels of sodium, which absorbs water in the body and may cause dehydration. A study has found that Turkey and Chicken have been found to be strongly associated with weight gain, this supports the theory that says all-meat diets are unhealthy.

Vegetables are so much easier to grow than animals. For instance, growing a Raddish only takes two-three weeks while growing a cow takes three years. This can save time and cost for farmers and even may help the country’s economy to flourish. However, vegetables lack Protein, Calcium and some essential fatty-acids from fish. First of all protein helps the body function, second, Calcium is essential for the human skeletal system and responsible for the growing of bones. Although being vegan is unhealthy, vegetables lower the risk of developing high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases diabetes and obesity; due to the reason that vegetables are lower in fat and higher in fiber than meat.

Vegan people might claim that only eating vegetables leads to quick weight loss because of the low caloric intake. Even though this is true, it is not recommended at all to lose weight quickly because it leads to the lack of energy. Also, when someone is a vegan for a long time he or she might suffer malnutrion. Furthermore, All-meat diets have a similar issue. These diets force the human body to burn fat, which is not as good as it sounds. Forcing the body to burn fat because of not consuming carbohydrates, which is a source of energy, can lead to dehydration, weakness and muscle loss.

To conclude, whether a person only eats meat or vegetables he or she will suffer many negative consequences on their body’s health; due to the fact that both diets lack great amounts of essential nutrients for the human body such as Protein, Carbohydrates and fat. I believe in the future more people will be aware of these issues and will find balance in their diets.




One thought on “The Healthiest Diet”

  1. Mishary,
    I couldn’t agree more with your position regarding healthy eating. This question of going vegan is going against the natural fact that, from the biological point of view, the human being is an omivorous animal, which means that we live on meat and vegetables. I’m neither a tiger nor an elephant, so I need vegetables, fruit and meat. As you very well state, the question is how much of each kind we have.
    Best wishes,

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