The healthiest diet

Eating is one of the most important things in people’s daily life. Generally, people may strongly disagree with all-meat diets. However, all-vegetable diets are not as healthy as most people used to think. According to the videos, there are 22 million people prefer to have all-vegetable diets, which seems a very healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, all-vegetable diets will result in malnutrition ad  less energy.

People who have all-vegetable diets long enough will suffer from malnutrition. Protein plays a very big role in people’s physical health. It helps protect the immune system and build muscle mass. However, there is no protein in vegetables. Meat is an important source of protein. When vegetarians choose not to eat any kinds of meat, they break the balance of nutrition that people need.

Lacking energy is a start of weakening in people’s health. When it lasts too long, people then will suffer from some diseases and pains. Because vegetables are low in calories. At first, all-vegetable diets will help lose weight quickly, which appeals to many people, especially women, to try all-vegetable diets. But when they do this long enough, they may find out that they seem to lose passion of doing thing and can feel tired very easily. Hence, vegetables cannot provide enough calories to support people’s daily nutrition.

However, some people may argue that at least they won’t have weight gain problem. It is not true. Both all-vegetable diets and all-meat diets can help lose weight. All-vegetable diets may offer a few more nutrients. However, this eating habit is as unhealthy as all-meat diets.

As mentioned above, all-vegetable and all-meat eating habits are unhealthy. People may reckon that all-vegetable is healthier. It still will result in some problems, such as lacking energy, malnutrition. A real healthy diet should include protein, vitamins and other nutrients that people need. As suggested by the American Cancer Society, meat, fruits, vegetables and beans or grains should be put on one diet. Furthermore, the use of a low-fat cooking method, such as bake, would be healthier. So, a balance of necessary food appropriate cooking method would give you the healthiest diet.

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