I am Abdulrahman, and I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I have been in the USA since 2013. I have a BA degree in “Marketing Communication and Advertising”, and I’m looking to find a university to get a Master’s in the same major. I was working in my country. I like to read about the history of cities and national food.

 Alexandria,VA in 1928

 My favorite place in the world is the USA. It looks like a
continent. It has many places I like to visit . First, there are many busy places near Time Square. I like to visit it when I am there. The second place is Pittsburg, PA. It has many bridges, and I like to see the river from a bridge. My other favorite place in the world I like to visit is Alexandria. It is an old city, and there is a lot of history about it. Usually, I like to visit it when I have free time.